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    Pall Mall Blue Smooth Taste Cigarettes

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    Pall Mall Blue Smooth Taste Cigarettes Pall Mall Blue Smooth Taste Cigarettes
    Per carton $35.99 Per carton $34.99 Per carton $33.59 Per carton

    021.10.06.jpg Sku: 021.10.06
    Brand Name: Pall Mall
    Category Name: American Brands
    Capacity: 1 X 200 CI
    Origin: Made in the EU
    Short Description: Tar: 7 mg
    Nicotine: 0.6 mg
    Carbon Monoxide: 8 mg
    Made in Turkey for DutyFree Saudi Arabia
    Weight: 0.270 Kg.

    More details:
    Filtered Pall Mall cigarettes have a smooth strong taste and are packed very tightly with tobacco making them burn slower and last longer than most other major brands. The consumer is paying less than premium price, but gets a longer smoke with a soft, pleasant taste and that is the key to Pall Mall cigarettes' success.
    Pall Mall was one of the first brands to launch 85 millimeter cigarettes ("king-size") and 100-millimeter cigarettes. Both gave smokers more value for the same amount of money and thus were a stunning success. In 2001 the "new filtered" Pall Mall was introduced - a savings cigarette with smooth and pleasant taste.
    Pall Mall cigarettes are available in both King Size and as 100 mm cigarettes. Extremely white and smooth Pall Mall Ultra white Box cigarettes complement brand's other filtered styles - Full Flavor Pall Mall, white Pall Mall and white Menthol Pall Mall. They are packed as tightly as other flavors and are a long-lasting smoke like all other Pall Malls.
    The Pall Mall brand is successful because it offers premium quality combined with smooth smoking satisfaction that lasts longer.

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