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Dom Perignon Champagne Vintage 2000 (750 ml.)

Sale price:$246.99
MoetChandon-dom-perignonS.jpg Sku: 011.50.22
Brand Name: Dom Perignon
Category Name: Champagnes
Capacity: 75 CL
Short Description: 750 ml.
12.5% vol.
Weight: 1.790 Kg.

More details:
Dom Perignon has been produced by Moet & Chandon since 1936, and has since has become known as one of the greatest Champagnes in the world. As Dom Perignon is only produced during the finest vintages, each release is a unique yet consistently excellent expression of the region. The eponymous monk's transcendent experience lingers in every bottle of Moet & Chandon's refined cuvee.

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