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    This Month is your lucky month! Win up to $1800

    In addition to the irresistible discount (up to 25% discount) that we issue and our guaranteed delivery policy

    (All items are sent on schedule, one item at a time for a period of your choice), we now offer you a

    chance to win back up to $1,800 when making a bulk order.  Starting today, every bulk order will qualify for our money back madness! 

    On top of your chance to win your money back, we offer on each bulk order exclusive gifts:

    Beefeater Gin 1LT
    Finlandia 40% Vodka 1.75LT
    Courvoisier XO Cognac 70CL
    Hennessy VSOP Cognac 1LT
    Zippo 200 Chrome Lighter  
    Zippo 1600 Brush Chrome Lighter

     To qualify and increase your chances to win, simply make as many bulk orders as you possibly can.
    Hurry and send your orders this month for your chance to WIN BIG !
    Good luck ! (-:

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